Thanksgiving Greetings

Written by: Eldridge Blanton

Posted on: November 24, 2020

thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving greetings to all of our CBF friends.


Instead of the usual, perfunctory greetings, we have decided to send a few thoughts in the David Letterman style.

#5.  The date and place:  Despite the competing claims of Massachusetts (Plymouth Colony) and Virginia (Jamestown), the National Geographic has produced archaeological evidence that neither one is correct. According to an article published in November 2018, Thanksgiving was first celebrated at Berkeley Hundred which is today Berkeley plantation, located 30 miles up river from Jamestown. This celebration was held two years before the Plymouth Colony celebration.

#4.  The food :  The Thanksgiving staple, turkey, has many connotations. Obviously there is the bird, possibly hunted and brought in from the wild or more likely from your grocery store. Other variations include the pejorative “you turkey!” And for Virginia Tech alumni of a certain age, there is the “Fighting Gobblers” mascot which has since morphed into a Hokie Bird and nowadays “Hokies.”

#3. Football:  The pickings are slim this year.

                              Texans (3-7) vs. Lions (4-6)

                              WFT (3-7) vs. Cowboys (3-7)

                              Ravens (6-4) vs. Steelers (10-0)

Ravens vs. Steelers looks like the most interesting.  Plus it will be an evening game when all of your guests have gone home, speaking of which …

#2.   Guests: It is so tempting to have Aunt Edna and the whole extended crew over.  Who wants to miss out on her specialty sweet potato casserole?  But please follow guidelines and have  a safe Thanksgiving.  Eat outside; social distance; wear masks when not eating!   After all, eating outside will make your Thanksgiving feel more authentic.

#1.   Black Friday: Get out there early and buy stuff from your bricks and mortar stores. With the pandemic plus the Internet, the bricks and mortar people stand to not be in the black when Friday is over. Support them. If the malls go under where will your kids hang out next year? Your place?!

However you celebrate, we hope you and your family have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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