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Elder Law

Serving clients in Fredericksburg, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg

Our Elder Law attorneys are probably better described as Counselors on Aging. They regularly assist clients with issues as diverse as the following:

  • I put my daughter’s name on my house a few years ago. Now I am in a long-term care community and the community is telling me I will not qualify for Medicaid. What can I do?
  • I purchased long-term care insurance years ago and now that I finally need to use it, the insurance company has denied my claim. Can I get the company to review its decision?
  • My brother has had my mom’s power-of-attorney for the last couple of years and I think he has been misusing her money. How can I find out?
  • My mother never named anyone as her power-of-attorney. Now she is incapacitated and needs to sell her house. How can I help her do this?
  • My mom needs help selling her home and finding the right care community. Where does she start?
  • I want to stay in my home as long as I can, but I need some help now. What are my options for caretaking services, and how will I pay for it?
  • My dad is a veteran and just entered an assisted living community. One of the other veteran residents told him that the VA pays part of his monthly bill there. Is that something my dad is eligible for too?

Some of these questions require legal knowledge to answer. But others require the knowledge gained through years of experience working with seniors and their families, long-term care and Medicare insurance brokers, senior care community directors and administrators, SRES realtors, senior move managers, and other experienced service providers catering to seniors in the local community. Critically, our Elder Law attorneys possess both types of knowledge, and are therefore able to counsel elderly clients and their families through many different situations.

Our Elder Law services include comprehensive counsel on long-term care planning, incapacity-related litigation, including guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, and special needs trust planning. In addition, we regularly assist families with an immediate need for payment of long-term care services through government programs, such as Medicaid. In every engagement, our Elder Law attorneys work with families to provide comprehensive counsel, achieve the client’s objectives, and plan for future contingencies.

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