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Are you struggling with whom to name as an executor or trustee? In some instances, you might lack a capable family member. Or, perhaps you are reluctant to place the burden of administration on your family or friends.

If you are looking for a professional trustee or executor, our law firm – under the name of Legacy Fiduciary Services, PLC (LFS) – can serve at your request.

Some of the advantages of appointing LFS are:

  • Preserving Professional Relationships. Unlike most other corporate trustees (e.g., banks and trust companies), LFS does not provide investment or tax reporting services. Instead we seek to partner with a family’s existing professional advisors (e.g., financial advisor and CPA).
  • Reasonable Cost. Although additional fees will be charged by the trust’s financial advisor and accountant, usually these combined fees are considerably less than fees charged by banks and trust companies.
  • Longevity. Individual trustees are subject to incapacity and death. As a law firm, LFS can manage a trust for decades with continuity of the trusteeship.
  • Objectivity. LFS will be objective and independent when dealing with beneficiary requests and less influenced by family dynamics.
  • Experience. The attorneys at LFS are experienced fiduciaries who are dedicated to ensuring that the terms of a trust are faithfully executed. Our focus is to ensure that the needs of beneficiaries are being met in accordance with the terms of the trust.
  • Personal Service. LFS is a law firm where a specific attorney will establish a long-term relationship with trust beneficiaries.

Contact us to learn more information about Legacy Fiduciary Services, PLC and how it can fit into your estate plan.

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