Business Law

At Carrell Blanton Ferris, we counsel numerous companies throughout their business life-cycles. Our clients include start-ups, family-owned and closely held businesses. It is our goal to establish long-term relationships with our clients through which we can understand their business and better help them navigate the legal landscape surrounding their industry.

Business owners, officers, and managers are confronted with a wide range of legal issues, opportunities, and problems. These range from launching a new business or venture to exiting a business when it’s time to sell or retire, and “everything” in between – dealing with vendors, negotiating and entering into lease agreements and other forms of contracts, hiring and firing employees, collecting past due accounts, fending off disputes, bringing or defending legal actions. The list goes on and on.

In sum, businesses need a law firm that will be there when any type of need arises. We are that kind of law firm.

Business Experience / Team Players

Business owners need their attorneys to think and communicate like business professionals, as well as develop practical, yet creative, solutions to help them succeed. To meet those needs, we attempt to integrate our knowledge of the law with our experience in business. Many of our attorneys have extensive legal and business backgrounds. By combining our legal knowledge and business experience, we are able to effectively communicate with — and understand the challenges of — our business clients and provide responsive, efficient, and constructive solutions to their needs.

We also understand that most businesses have several advisors upon which they rely for information and guidance. Accountants, bankers, consultants, investment bankers, financial planners, and insurance agents bring their own expertise and professional experience to help a business succeed. We believe that working with other advisors will produce the most comprehensive and effective solutions. Often we encourage our clients to obtain the services of other advisors.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your business needs. Visit our blog page for helpful articles.