Practice Areas

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Serving clients in Fredericksburg, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg

The attorneys of Carrell Blanton Ferris & Associates have significant experience representing clients in a wide variety of legal disputes. We combine skills in counseling, creative problem solving, negotiation, and advocacy with sound judgment to achieve the best outcome for clients. We will work with our clients to formulate and comply with their budgets, and continually update them regarding the status and cost of their litigations or other proceedings.


Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in federal and state courts, at both the trial and appellate levels. We also represent clients before federal and state administrative agencies, as well as in alternative dispute resolution forums and before self-regulatory organizations. Some of our attorneys have come from large “downtown” firms. We have broad litigation experience in complex civil litigation, breach of fiduciary duty cases, contract actions, UCC matters, and antitrust matters.

The firm offers a full range of commercial litigation services, for either the one bringing the claim or the one defending the claim, with special emphasis in the following areas:

  • Commercial, estate and business litigation
  • Lease disputes, commercial real estate, and construction litigation
  • Business torts
  • Shareholder, member, and partnership disputes
  • Investors’ suits


Mediation is a consensual form of dispute resolution. When parties and their legal counsel are unable to resolve a dispute through direct negotiations, inviting the participation of a mediator can often lead to a solution without the expense of litigation. Our lawyers have represented both plaintiffs and defendants (as actual or potential parties in litigation), and some have on occasion served as mediators themselves.

A mediator is essentially a neutral third party who seeks to help the parties to a dispute bridge the gap between them – either by resolving the dispute altogether or by narrowing it significantly. Mediations are conducted in private, and studies have shown that some 85% of mediations are at least partially successful.

Arbitration is another form of a private means of dispute resolution in which our lawyers have expertise. Unlike mediation, in which no resolution will be reached without the agreement of the parties, arbitration will lead to a decision, an arbitration award made by an arbitrator or a panel or arbitrators. The arbitration award is enforceable in court where it is usually beyond any grounds for a successful challenge.

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