Gifting in the New Year

Article written by Kevin O’Donnell, Esq. Everyone likes receiving gifts but most do not associate gifting with estate planning.  Many of our clients use gifting

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Democrats Win the House

Effect of the Midterm Elections on Your Estate Plan Article provided by WealthCounsel; Content edited and modified by Stephen M. Watson, Esq.   Estate planning

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What Happened to My Property?

Article written by Stephen M. Watson, Esq. For clients who are married, most often they want their assets to go something like this: First, to the

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Retirement Plan Trusts

Asset-Protection Basics

Article provided by WealthCounsel; Reviewed & edited by James W. Garrett, Esq. Most of us do not expect to be sued.  However, lawsuits are filed

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Privacy and Estate Planning

Article written by Trey T. Parker, Esq. In discussing estate planning with my clients, this question sometimes arises during a consultation – “Is there a

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